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Our Mission


We believe that wine is made to be enjoyed every day by every budget. Our mission is to introduce new and unique wines, beers and ciders to everyone no matter what their level of knowledge, tastes or budget are.  At St Urban Cellars you will always find a warm welcome, and willingness to share, discuss, learn, laugh, and enjoy wines from around the world.  


Our Name


St Urban Cellars is named for St Urban who is the patron saint of all who work in the wine industry. St Urban is famous for escaping religious persecution in 374AD, and fleeing into a vineyard. Whilst there, he converted everyone working the vines to Christianity.

As he moved from vineyard to vineyard, his following grew in size (probably with a little help from the free wine he was dishing out) and is said to have developed many good friendships with winemakers and vineyard workers.
For this reason, St Urban is the patron saint of everyone who works in the wine industry.


Our Story


John and Denise Swanson are pleased to welcome you to join them in celebrating one of their dreams; to own and operate a local wine shop and wine bar specializing in unique wines, beers and ciders  from around the world.


We have travelled extensively around the world and for us wine represents adventure in a bottle.  When we enjoy a bottle of wine we like to think of the place it is from, the climate, the soil, the people who worked the vineyards, the wine maker, the entire process from grape to glass.  We have enjoyed and studied wine for more than 20 years and became truly acquainted with wine when we first met in Seattle in the early 1990’s.  We lived in Freemont near a small neighborhood grocery store that had a compelling selection at every price point.  We were young and didn’t have much money but we had a desire to learn about wine and we basically started on the bottom shelf where the least expensive wines were and worked our way up shelf by shelf as we enjoyed better wines and from time to time had a bit more to spend. Our favorite splurge of the time was Erath Vineyards Pinot Noir. We were so excited the first time we ventured to Oregon to visit Erath and the small but burgeoning wine country of the Willamette Valley. We visited every year with friends, the seafood and wine festival in Newport and our life was complete when we realized we no longer needed to fight the crowds because all of the wineries we enjoyed there were now in our back yard when we relocated to Dallas, OR in 2002.  


We have both enjoyed careers in non profit management, local government and also own a sports oriented travel agency; International Sports Travel.  


Introducing others to wine in an unpretentious way and helping them to find the pleasure we do in exploring wine and the places it is from is our dream come true. We are so happy to be able to share it with you.

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